The Team.

Caltech Racing could not exist without its fantastic team. This gallery highlights some of the faces that make the club run. There are four main subteams: Mechanical, Power, Controls, and Business. Each team has a leader, and some people are part of multiple teams. Feel free to click through and get to know our club members!

Division Leads.

Evan Sloan
Mechanical Engineering 2017. President and Vehicle Dynamics Lead.
Adrian Costantino
Mechanical Engineering 2017. Technical Lead.
Ishwar Subramanian
Mechanical Engineering 2018. Mechanical Lead.
William Werst
Electrical Engineering 2019. Power Lead.
Jennifer Lin
Electrical Engineering 2017. Controls Lead.
Jimmy Hamilton
Mechanical Engineering 2018. Technical Sub-Lead.
Caroline Paules
Mechanical Engineering 2019. Mechanical Sub-Lead.